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Application of the Ready-mix Concrete for the Signature High-rise Buildings’ Projects

High Range Polycarboxylate Superplasticizers

Made from PCE Products of KZJpoint 804T, KZJpoint 810T and KZJpoint 804C

KZJ products are suitable for all types of ready-mixed and precast concrete, from very basic to ultra-high strength, use in the construction of high-rise buildings, bridges, tunnels, high-speed railways, roads, airports, ports, dams, hydraulic & municipal engineerings. Our various concrete admixtures are able to improve strength,setting time, slump retention, appearance and enhance its durability as well. These properties make the concrete placing, pumping and finishing more easily.

Twin Towers Hotel in Haihua Island

Products Used:
KZJpoint RS8204 Polycarboxylate superplasticizer with good slump retention
Project Description:

The tower building has a height of 104 meters, one basement, nineteen floors above ground, an outer frame with core tube shear structure wall; a transportation hub of 34,000 square meters, a tree-shaped steel column with a single-layer reticulated shell structure. As the vanguard of the Haihua Island projects, the Twin Towers Hotel is the only project in Danzhou that won the Luban Award.

KZJ Solutions:

The manufactured sand is coarse and the aggregate contains much powder, heavy clay content and a lot of weathered rocks, bad distribution in gradation.

Concrete performance requirement:
20mm slump loss after 2hrs, good workability and easy to pump after two hours.



Forest City is a smart ecological green city, next to Singapore, which is built by Country Garden with a total investment of RMB 250 billions. The outer wall of buildings are covered with plants like the trees and flowers are the sky up of the parks ground.

Forest City in Johor, Malaysia

KZJ Integrated Solutions:

Concrete Requirements:

1.Good Slump Retention, flowability with M-Sand
2.C60 pumped concrete requires 3d strength to reach 95%

Products Used:

KZJpoint RA8206, KZJpoint RS8310, KZJcontrol 600SR

KZJ Technical Service:

Laboratory and field testing support to help the batching plants around Forest City having a more flexible selection of the aggregates and cement to reduce the concrete cost accordingly.

Shenzhen Pingan IFC

Project Description:

Shenzhen PINGAN IFC Building is our successful example of high-rise Buildings, which absorbs the multi-functional abilities of our polycarboxylate superplasticizer in concrete, such as high durability & workability, good compression strength, anti-permeability and self-compacting to win the superior performance in construction structure. Shenzhen PINGAN IFC with total plan height of 646m, is the highest building in China in 2014.


KZJ Integrated Solutions:

Concrete Requirements:

SCC Concrete, Good Workability and Super-High Pumping Ability

Products Used:

KZJpoint RA8206, KZJpoint RR8311, KZJpoint RQ8416, KZJcontrol 600SR

Technical Service:

Once the related batching plant faced the problems of concrete mix design and workability, we asked our experts to work in the construction job site to provide tailor-made solutions for excellent workability and cement to reduce the concrete cost accordingly.

Anshun Sports Center in Anhui Province


The total area of the sports center project is about 320,001 square meters and the total construction area is about 104,210m², which are 25,000 stadiums covering an area of 31,320m², 4,500 stadiums with an area of 19,297.29m² and 1,000 swimming pools with an area of about 14,241.6m².The total investment of the project is expected to be completed on September 30th, 2020.

Concrete Requirements:

1.There are many structural columns in the gymnasium which are not easy to vibrate and can only be casted using C40 SCC concrete.
2.Requirements of the fluidity, wrapping, cohesiveness, super slump retention, and bubble size of concrete are also higher than those of ordinary pumping concrete.

Technical Service:

Laboratory Test of different types of Aggregates to make the tailored formula of KZJ Concrete admixture and field testing supports accordingly.

Batching Plants Using Our Concrete Superplasticizer

Our Valuable Customers

Global Lafarge
CSCEC State Construction Engineering Corporation(Stock Code:002398.SZ)
China Resources Cement Holding Limited(Stock Code:1313 HK)
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China Construction Engineering Corporation(Stock Code:601668.SH)
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