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Who is LETS Group?

We have Changed the Name of XMABR to LETS Group in 2019 Founded in 1980, LETS Groups is the new name of XMABR (XiaMen Academy of Building Research Group Co., Ltd.) with the IPO Stock Code of since 2010. LETS Groups have Four Business Divisions as below

XMABR Construction Technical Business Division

The Leading Enterprise of Engineering Technology and service at the west side of the straits, devotes to the green, efficient and trustworthy construction design, building material inspection and geological prospections service to the contractor and batching plants to assure the safety, suitable and comfortable homeland.

XMABR Investment Company

XMABR Green Concrete Technology Company

The Environmental-friendly Building Materials Solutions’ Provider;

Focus on Comprehensive Waste Utilization and Recycling to Optimize Resource Utilization and Contributes Itself to The Green Homeland.

XMABR Construction Inspection Company

Construction engineering quality testing, building safety identification survey, mapping training and evaluation, etc.

Jianyan Building Materials Test Center
    (Third-party Cerfitication)

CNAS Lab Rooms (ISO 17025) Qualified with CMA and CSA Authorized Lab Room with UL, SGS,TUV, Intertek and IAPMO EGS

XMABR Building Structure Design Institute

Providing engineering consulting, architectural design, construction drawing

Zhongpu (Shanghai) Geological Technology Company

KZJ Concrete Chemicals Business Division

We have provided SNF Materials and PCE Products to produce more than 50 types of Concrete Chemicals, such as Superplasticizer, Set Retarder, Set Accelerator, Air Entraining Agent, Viscosity Modified Agent, Defoamer, Corrosion Inhibitors, Mould Releasing Agent, Silica Fume and Other Functional Concrete Admixture.

Construction Engineering Business Division

The Special construction materials and Concrete Provider

TianRun Concrete Batching Plants Supplier of Ready-mix Concrete and Mortar

CQS Light Brick Company

Jianyanjia E-Platform of Construction Materials

Jianyanjia aims to build the internal sharing platform of building-industry supply chain by launching industrial supply chain and realizes the efficient connection between industrial upstream and downstream, enterprises’ internal and external working platform, and on-line and off-line parts of the internet.

KZJ Company Profile

Founded in 2000 and owned by Lets Group (Stock Code: 002398.SZ), KZJ China has one manufacturing base to produce SNF Material, 13 manufacturing bases to produce PCE products, and one Alkoxylation Derivatives manufacturing base to produce the Ether Macros-monomers (Hpeg,Tpeg,Ipeg,Epeg,Vpeg,etc), which are the raw materials of PCE Products. KZJ has more than 1000 employees involving in R&D, manufacturing, sales and technical support that generates an annual sales of about 3 billion yuan in 2023.

KZJ is the technological advanced leader of Concrete Chemicals which ranks among the Top 2 in China based on the sales amounts in 2023 and Top one in China concrete industry based on the sales quantity in 2023. With a production capacity of 60,000 MTS of SNF/PNS Materials and 1,000,000 MTS of PCE Products to produce high-effective superplasticizer, we have been distinguishing ourselves through R&D and innovative thinking in providing the Eco-friendly concrete admixtures and technical supports to concrete industry and infrastructure projects. This leadership is earned by the value of vertically integrated industrial chain,18 advanced manufacturing bases, good management principles, dynamic R&D team,and strong technical support and financial strength.


Focus on efficiency, technology, green and value, KZJ China have provided different types of concrete integrated solutions to more than 1000 concrete batching plants in China and well sold our PCE Products and SNF Materials to Asia, Middle East,South America and Africa.