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KZJ China have been providing concrete chemicals and solutions to more than 1000 batching plants in the world and well sold our PCE products and SNF materials to Asia, Middle East, East Europe, South America and Africa.

KZJ Products Distribution

KZJ is a famous brand in China and the Leader in China Concrete Admixtures Industry. We would like to share our high-quality products of below polyester Macro-monomers, PCE products, SNF Materials and other Functional specialty chemical with our distributors abroad and train our exclusive distributors how to use our products and how to make the best formula of concrete admixtures to meet their local concrete requirement. With the aims to offer distributorship to the qualified company in each overseas market and establish long-term mutual beneficial business relationship with our exclusive distributors, KZJ takes the pride in setting below four distributor’ qualifications. Company or individuals who meet two of four qualifications can be our distributor and after pass a one-year brand trial cooperation with 36 containers/year can be our exclusive distributor.

3 years +

Dealing with concrete admixtures business with more than USD 3,000,000 in the past 3 years totally

5Batching plants +

The capacity of concrete is more than 120,000m3 of each Batching plant in the past year

1  +

One company with 300m2 warehouse and with the Country Chemical Importing License

3Technical Engineers +

One Engineer with the Major of Civil Engineering at least and One Engineer with a Chemical related Major.

Polyester Macro-Monomers


Methylal Polyoxyethylene Ester


Isopentenyl Polyoxyethylene Ester


Ethanol Polyoxyethylene Ether


Vinyl Polyoxyethylene Ether

New Generation PCE Products & Polycarboxylate Superplasticizers

PCE Products

Super Slump Retention PCE
High water Reducing PCE
High water Reducing &
Slump Retention PCE
High Early Strength PCE

Polycarboxylate Superplasticizers

High Range Polycarboxylate Superplasticizers for Ready-mix concrete

High Early Strength Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer for Precast, Prestress and Pile concrete

Powdery SNF | PNS Products

Max. 5% Sodium Sulfates
Max. 18% Sodium Sulfates
Aliphatic Water Reducer

Naphthalene-based Water Reducers

Naphthalene-based Water Reducer for C15-C60 Pile,Precast, Grouting Concrete

Naphthalene-based Superplasticizer for C15~C50 Ready Mix Concrete with Adjustable Time Setting Properties

Concrete Set Controlling Admixtures

Set Retarder, Set Accelerator, High Early Strength Agent, Viscosity Modified Agent De-mould Agent

Concrete Durability-Enhancing Admixtures

Air Entraining Agent, Anti-cracking Additive Waterproof Admixture, Corrosion Inhibitor Defoamer, Anti-freezing Agent, silica fume

Cement Grinding Additive

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