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KZJ Products Technology Innovation

In the development of our polyester macro-monomers and polycarboxylate superplasticizers, we are based on the new green speculative knowledge spark ideas from our work experience on the concrete chemical solution every day. A lot of the chemicals analysis and concrete tests enable us to share our new idea on the intelligent solution with our customers so frequently. KZJ Products have been applied in various high-rise buildings and municipal engineerings with the excellent integrated functions, such as water reduction, set-retarding, high early strength, plasticity, pump ability, anti-permeability, flow ability, durability, water repellent.etc.

40 +

Chemical Engineers with civil education background are dedicated to products research and development

200 +

Products Patents were filed and registered since 2010

300 +

Solutions are also from the ideas of 300 technical engineers making the formula of admixture with our PCE and SNF Products in the batching plants

Local Aggregate Material-based Thinking on Product Design

KZJ China has 15 PCE factories covering 12 provinces. The local cement, sand and aggregate materials are different. For instance, the sand in GuiZhou are red while gravels are green in Southwest side of China. To meet the local markets’specific needs and requirements,our products and systems are also developed across the regional technology. this process helps us to facilitate cost-single/innovation for manufacturing and effective market pricing.
Structure Design of Molecule
Polyester Macro-Monomers
PCE Products
Polycarboxylate Superplasticizers
SNF Sodium Sulfates
Naphthalene-based Water Reducer
High Expectations on Developing Better Performance Products
KZJ’s success and reputation are based on our consistently developing new products and technology innovation of Concrete Chemical. We make our customers’ success in mind and look to build long-term and mutually beneficial relationships rather than focus on the short-term business. Our aims are to meet all of the challenges our customers facing by R&D new products of PCE-based superplasticizer to provide the intelligence products solutions to our customers on the application in high-rise building, bridges, tunnels, ports, roads, etc. Therefore, we have the technology innovation ability to develop future PCE products preparative.
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