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KZJmastery CC808

Cement Grinding Additive
It can be widely applied in all kinds of cement plants for energy-saving and cost-reducing to improve the cement strength, increase capacity during production, which works by speeding up cement production and reduce its energy consumption, together with enhancing strength development and optimizing other properties.
Our KZJmastery CC808 is a cement grinding additive which can reduce the adsorption force of the particle surface of milling materials by chemisorptions and physisorption. It can improve the grinding environment of the pulverizing. whilst it can stimulate the potential activity of milling materials and gain higher compressive strength of various ages. 3d strength with 20% higher and 28d strength with 10% higher by optimizing cement size distribution and then increase cement specific surface.
Technical Specification of KZJmastery CC808
pic3h97 Remarks:
The data shown above reflects typical results based on laboratory testing under controlled conditions.
KZJmastery CC808
Our cement grinding additive can improve cement quality and enhance cement grinding efficiency, and then reduce the production cost.
The dosage is based on the cement weight and can be various by depending on the raw material situation of stone type, specification and operation condition.
Storage Temperature, ℃: -10~+50
Shelf Life: 12 months
KZJmastery CC808 is non-toxic, non-irritative, non-radioactive,non-flammable and non-corrosive,For detailed health, safety and environmental recommendations, please consult us and follow the instructions in our MSDS.
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Package and Storage

KZJmastery CC808 is liquid type and can be available in 1000L IBS Tank packing or 20GP Flexitank packing. It contains non-corrosive and non-flammable ingredients, and should be stored in well-ventilated and dry warehouse without sunlight and rain.

It is safe for take by hand with glove directly during the production process to make the PCE products. Eating by mistake, please drink sufficient water to vomit urgently and then go to hospital.

Technical Service

KZJ Technical Center is available to support you to use our product in the most proper and best way.