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KZJmastery CI414

Product Name: Corrosion Inhibitor for Sea-cross Concrete in Bridge, Sea-tunnel and Ports Projects
It allows significant reduction of reinforcement corrosion by reducing the water film between steel and concrete, decrease the initial damage and defect, and then increase the positive pressure and mechanical binding of concrete to steel bar.


pic1xh7 The corrosion inhibitor made with a green advanced technology, is composed of organic or inorganic materials (two types). It is an admixture specially used to improve the crack resistance and durability of concrete. The product is non-pollution, without containing any harmful substances. The inorganic components can react with the moisture and calcium hydroxide in the concrete to form a stable hydration product, and fill the voids of the C-S-H gel form of a skeleton. This makes the concrete attenuate the transition layer of concrete, and reduce the possibility of cracks caused by the weak structure of the transition layer. So as to achieve a good effect of rust resistance, waterproof and anti-corrosion. The organic component forms a dense adsorption film on the surface of the steel bar, together with the strong passivation layer formed by the inorganic component on the surface of the steel bar make the product more excellent in rust resistance. The gas composition makes the concrete filled with even small air bubbles, which improves the freeze-thaw resistance and durability of the concrete. At the same time, the product can effectively inhibit the carbonation of concrete. This excellent characteristics of this product are especially reflected in offshore engineering that mainly used in harbour, bridge foundation, tunnel, water conservancy engineering, basement and other projects.

Performance and Characteristics

Improve the concrete corrosion resistance against harmful ions (S04-2.C03-2,etc.) Stimulating and compacting components can promote the reaction of admixtures in concrete and calcium hydroxide, and generate stable hydration products. The hydration products can fill the voids of the C-S-H gel form of skeleton, attenuate the transition layer of concrete, and reduce the possibility of cracks caused by the weak structure of the transition layer, and at the same time significantly reduce the concentration of calcium hydroxide for the occurrence of sulfate erosion, so as to achieve a good effect of rust inhibition, waterproofing and anti corrosion.
Significantly improved the chloride ion penetration resistance and anti-permeability Adding 6% of this corrosion inhibitor to the cement-based material has little effect on the setting time of cement. The strength of cement mortar still reaches the original cement grade, while the resistance to seawater, sulfate and carbonic acid corrosion, and anti-permeability have been greatly improved.
Reduce Concrete Hydration Heat Adding a certain amount of KZJmastery CI414 to replace part of cement material can reduce the hydration heat of the concrete, delay the peak temperature time, reduce the internal and external temperature difference of the concrete during the heating and cooling process of the basic project, and reduce the temperature stress , which is extremely beneficial to prevent temperature cracks and shrinkage cracks.
It can increase the fluidity of concrete, reduce slump loss and improve the strength of concrete. Adding a certain amount of KZJmastery CI414 to ordinary Portland cement can significantly improve the workability of freshly-mixed concrete, promote hydration and hardening, and convert the unstable substances in set cement and easily-soluble substances in water into stable substances. It can also improve the pore structure of concrete, reduce porosity, and increase the strength of concrete. KZJmastery CI414 has good water retention ,so as to reduces the bleeding rate of concrete, improves the cohesion of concrete, and reduce slump loss.
Improve the concrete resistance to sulfate and seawater erosion KZJmastery CI414 has slight expansion, which improves the compactness of concrete under restricted conditions and greatly improves the anti-penetrability of concrete. Point-AFO seawater corrosion inhibitor can react with the alkali metal in the concrete pore solution, and make K+ and Na+ replace part of Ca2+ and then consolidate into the C-S-H gel. And the alkali can stimulate the effective strength of the fine powder, and the fine powder well interacts to form nepheline (NaO, Al2O3, SiO2).

Technical Data sheet of KZJmastery CI414 Corrosion Inhibitor


Storage Temperature, ℃: -10~+50

Packing: 25kg/drum or 200L /tank (liquid) 25kg/bag (powder)

Shelf Life: 12 months after production date

Package and Storage
It is a powder type, the packing is 25kg/ bag. When it is Liquid type, it can be available in 200L /drum packing or 1000L IBS Tanks packing. since It contains non-corrosive and flammable ingredients. It should be stored in well-ventilated and dry warehouse without sunlight and rain.
Health and Safety
It is non-toxic, non-irritative, non-radioactive, non-flammable, non-explosive and non-corrosive, and can be transported as common chemical product. For detailed information about Health, Safety and Environmental Recommendations, please consult us and follow all instructions on the product Material Safety Data Sheet.