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KZJpoint 810T

This is the cost-effective solution for the super slump retention concrete or mortar. It is designed for use in the ready-mix concrete with more than 3hrs slump retention requirement in the hot weather. The using amount to make the ready-to-use high range polycarboxylate superplasticizer is lower than KZJpoint 810T based on similar slump retention performance.
Product Name:Super Slump Retention PCE
Shelf Time: 12 months
Standard: GB 8076 and ASTM C494
Dosage and Use

The volume of KZJpoint 810T will be 60~360kg by combining with 100~300kg of KZJpoint 804T or with 120~300kg of KZJpoint 804C when we make 1000L ready-to-use polycarboxylate superplasticizer with good slump retention performance. KZJpoint 810T is a slump enhancer when it uses directly in the concrete mix process. The dosage of KZJpoint 810T can vary with different types of applications, but the recommended dosage use is 0.2~1.0% based on the weight of cementitious materials.The optimum dosage of KZJpoint 810T may depend on the specific requirements of concrete.

Features and Benefits

1.Good adaptability to different cement, fly-ash , silica fume and slag.
2.Super Slump Retention in ready-mix concrete and less than 50mm slump loss within 5hrs
3.Good homogeneous plasticizing property, thus preventing segregation and bleeding.
4.Characteristics of good durability and controlled shrinkage and creep.

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Package and Storage

KZJpoint 810T is liquid type and can be available in 20GP Flexitank container packing or 1000L IBS Tanks packing.It contains non-corrosive and flammable ingredients and should be stored in well-ventilated and dry warehouse without sunlight and rain.

Health and Safety

It is non-toxic, non-irritative, non-radioactive, non-flammable, non-explosive and non-corrosive, and can be transported as common chemical product. For detailed information about Health, Safety and Environmental Recommendations, please consult us and follow all instructions on the product Material Safety Data Sheet. It is safe for use by taking standard precautions regulated in the construction industry, such as use of hand gloves, safety goggles, etc. Once splashed in eyes or skin, wash immediately with plenty of water for at least 15minutes.

Technical Service

KZJ Technical Center is available to support you to use our products in the most proper and best way.