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KZJ-Smart Chemical Mix Machine

KZJ-SMART is designed for Producing/ Blending PCE-based Concrete Superplasticizer from PCE materials
Component: (a) One of 3~5tons Mixing Tank; (b) Pipe Pumps, Gear Pumps, and other intelligent pumps, etc (c) Control Cabinet Box; (d) Add-on Feeding Parts (e) Tanks for storing PCE products and the finished ready-to-use concrete admixtures (optional)
The Extended Function of KZJ-SMART
  It can be updated to remote controlling model if the internet or wifi is available in the production area.
  It can be updated to remote vedio monitoring system to make remoting production more reliable.
The Basic Specifications
  Capacity: minimum of 1ton and maximum of 5tons (within 10-30min. of operation time)
  Operating Mode: Manual/Automatic
  Covering Area: About 3-6m2
  Electric Power: 10KW~20KW
Demould Agent for Precast Concrete
Item No.:KZJguard MC07
It is the raw material to make concrete mould release agents by diluting it with 4~9 parts of water. It is non toxic emulsion products, and has excellent release effects. It can reduce or eliminate surface defects of precast, pre-stressed concrete, and make most moulds being released easily and completely.
Concrete Pump Primer
Item No.:KZJguard PF01
It is a white powdered pump primer and pumping aid for concrete pump truck pipe lubricantIt is a white powdered pump primer and pumping aid for concrete pump truck pipe lubricant.
Concrete Curing Agent
Item No.:KZJguard HK04
KZJguard HK04 is the liquid and envirmental-friendly concrete curing Agent to reduce the risk of cracking in the concrete surface.

Modularization of Device Design for Easy Transportation and Easy Installation


Automatic mode of Production and Easy Operation