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Our PCT Patents of PCE Products from State Intellectual Property Office

We always stick to the development path of technical innovation and industrialization of science and technology achievements with independent intellectual property rights.

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Overview of KZJ R&D Center

Founded in 2010, our R&D center covers an area of 19,380m2 equipped with a large amount of equipments and instruments for different concrete properties performance test on compressive strength development,Flexural Strength, cementitious material properties analysis, structure, mechanics,durability,the polymer synthetic analysis,etc.The world-class laboratory resources in our R&D center and technical specialists in the concrete designs and applications ensure that our customers would get the professional technical support on optimizing the concrete mix design with our concrete chemicals to have the cost effective concrete with good strength,workability and durability.

Most of our PCE products have won more than ten items of science and technology awards: “The first prize of the national scientific and technological progress since 2010”,and “The first prize of the patented technology of Fujian province since 2013”.

Research Field:

Molecular Design
1.Full time scientific research personnel of 20 (master degree or above 71.4%, Intermediate and senior title or above 50%). focus on molecular design research by radical solution polymerization. accumulate a large amount of data in areas of monomer conversion to polymer and polymer molecular conformation,
2.Ethoxylated research of the macromonomer, Process research of radical solution polymerization
3.Industrial research, including pilot scale production and pilot trial production.



Full time analytical test research personnel of 3, focus on developing analytical test methods, methods, analysing unknown samples, controlling and evaluating the quality of raw materials and products. Available rapid qualitative / quantitative analysis of the structure and composition of unknown samples. Accumulated a large amount of data in areas of elemental analysis, morphology analysis and structural analysis of molecule.


Applied for more than 200 patents,including 49 invention patents, and 12 international PCT Patents in Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia

Undertook 94 external projects,45 Internal projects and won more than 60 national science and technology progress awards

Research Direction on PCE Products

Polymer Molecular Structure Design Research and optimize the polymer structure design of ether macro-monomers to have the specialty PCE products.

Microscopic Analysis and Test

Analyze and develop the microscopic analysis of PCE products.Use the scientific test method to test polymer structure design to make sure it is workable for development, production and quality control of Polycarboxylate materials, and pilot run as well.

Supervision of Production Process Improvement for PCE Products.

Our Scientific R&D Labrooms

Chemicals Analysis Labrooms of Cement Grinding additives, SNF Materials, PCE Products, Concrete Superplasticizer, Set Retarder, Set Accelerator, Air Entraining Agent, Viscosity Modified Agent, Defoamer and other specialty chemicals for improving the strength, workability and durability of ready-mix and precast concrete.

Concrete Mechanics Labroom, Concrete Durability Labroom, Concrete Waterproofing Labroom,

Synthetic Lab of PCE Products,

Labroom of Cement Chemical Analysis and Monitering Hydration Heat Process,

Ether Macro-monomer Materials Analysis Labroom.