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Our Social Responsibilities

As a IPO Company, LETS KZJ have a duty to act in society and environment, and we regard social responsibility as a big part of company sustainability movement in the hope of contributing to the welfare of society and the environment. Belows are parts of our social responsible activities we have involved in since 2000, some are donations of money directly, some are environmental protection voluntary work, some are investing in school without compromising profitability, some are that purchase foods to the people who need it urgently, etc.

KZJ have donated the foods to the construction labors in the building of Xiaotangshan hospital and donated KZJ concrete superplasticizers to the contractor of Xiaotangshan Hospital for Covid-19 epidemic


We believe that our company successful development brings with it responsibility to give back to the world.


KZJ presents itself as a green technology company with a social mission.

Donation to Xiamen Xiang'an children's Welfare Home
Tongxin Children's Home is the first private child welfare in Xiamen city, It is mainly responsible for orphans who have lost their parents and whose relatives and friends are unable to raise them. In 2007,our chairman of the XMABR have visited the Tongxin Children's Home with various necessities and foods

Donation of Xiamen Children's Welfare Home

In Year 2015, Our company sent more than 20 volunteers, led by the company's general manager Ma Xiuxing, and brought caring materials such as milk and TV. With deep caring feelings, they entered the Xiamen Children's Welfare Home to carry out volunteer service activities. The actual action brings "sunshine" care to the children and adds warmth to their growth.

KZJ have donated RMB 100,000 to Southeast University in 2016

The RMB 100,000 development fund is for the teaching and talent cultivation of the material dept.including the introduction of high-level talents,the publication of high-level papers,about scientific research,This fund can also support the development of young teachers who rewarding outstanding achievements, subsidize poor students and rewarding outstanding students.

KZJ Environmental Protection Activities in 2014

KZJ Fujian dispatched more than 20 environmental protection volunteers and rushed to the Yundongyan Scenic Spot in Zhangzhou to carry out the charity activities of ‘Environmental Protection from your hands’. After the assembly at the foot of the mountains, the volunteers brought gloves, garbage bags and other tools, and were excited to pick up the garbage along the way.

Donation & Construction Ceremony of "LETS KZJ `Reading Room"

In 2019, a total of 80,000 Yuan was donated for the construction of the first phase of the reading room of Dagu Primary School in Longshan Town and Nawai Primary School in Xima Town.

Established "XMABR Group" Scholarship at Chongqing University

In 2018, XMABR Group Scholarship is used to reward and fund students with excellent qualities in the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Chongqing University, which is conducive to promoting the joint construction of school-enterprise talents and deepening school-enterprise cooperation.