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Construction Solutions > Superplasticizer Solutions of Precast and Pile Concrete
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See How KZJ Provides the Solutions for Ready Mix Concrete

KZJ, the leader of China concrete admixture industry, has been providing high-valued products and the complete integrated solutions in ready-mix concrete, pumping concrete, site mixing concrete, reinforced concrete,impermeable concrete and any other specialty concrete mainly used in the applications below we are proud of.

7 Most Signature Projects in China

High-rise Buildings and Municipal Engineerings

Airports & Bridges

Dams, Ports and Tunnels

Roads & High-speed Railways

City Metro Lines and Other Transportation Systems

Not only do we offer the high-valued and sophisticated products to our customers, KZJ has also created added value to help our customer understand and benefit from our product technology and service during the detailed concrete mix designed phase, laboratory and field testing support and final handover with quality concrete, thus the mutual benefit in the whole of the project value chain will be obtained.

Construction Solutions > Superplasticizer Solutions of Ready-mix Concrete

A full range of KZJ polycarboxylate superplasticizers, set-controlling admixture and durability-enhancing admixture added during concrete mixing are designed to improving or enhancing the specific properties of the fresh concrete, such as early and final strength, suitable set time, flow ability, air content, slump, shrinkage or cracking,etc, in the high quality ready-mix concretes for high-rise buildings, roads,bridges, airports, high-speed railways, city metro line and other civil engineering projects.

Contractors want to achieve sufficient early strength to allow formwork removal as quickly as possible in the construction job site. So KZJ’s high early strength polycarboxylate superplasticizer KZJpoint 811A, KZJcontrol AQ09 and KZJguard MC07 (Mould Release Agent) are ready for them.

All participants in the construction process want the self-compacting concrete to save labor cost and machines cost in the vibration process. we have developed KZJpoint RSCC8314.

Some specific site requires the long set retarding time in workability of fresh concrete before hardening, KZJcontrol 600SR, KZJpoint RR8209 are ready to this construction.

As our admixtures can improve concrete strength development and fresh concrete workability properties like pumping ability or moderate air content, etc, which enables concrete to flow easily through and into fined spaces. KZJnazem RR86, KZJpoint RS8204, KZJpoint RS8310,KZJpoint RR8311, KZJpoint RQ8416 are available to you.


Our technical engineers are available for concrete technical support through out every phase of the construction process.