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The Highest Strength Concrete in 2016, China
The Highest Skycraper in GuiZhou, China

Detailed information and references:
The Longest Precast Box Girder in China
The Highest Frost Resistance Grade
F300 Concrete in China
Our Products are used in
the 7 Most well-known
signature projects in China
The wide of One Bridge Desk is
12.55M with weight of 1,854 tons.

The Longest Precast Box Girder in China

The largest island-land liaison box Girder project in the world.
Zhoushan Sea Bridge
Project Description:
Zhoushan Sea Bridge is the Largest transportation infrastructure project in China.With a total length of 48.16 kilometers and a total investment of about 10 billion RMB. The box girder is the longest and heaviest whole-hole prefabricated box girder in China, with 70 meters length, 4 meters high.
Concrete Technology we have supported:
1. Solving the High Viscosity problem in C80 concrete with more than 620kgs of cement in one cubic meter
2. The big challenge on Controlling box girder appearance, strength development, and short setting time in winter
3. reducing the hydration heat in more than 700m²
4. Preventing the occurrence of cracks in the C45 pier body
Setting time: ≧ 65 hours
The Longest Setting Time in China
Hangzhou Metro Line 9 r1ktr
Project Description:
The total length of the line is about 16.939km, all of which are underground lines. The main foundation pit of gentian Road Station is divided into four foundation pits to organize construction. At the same time, river diversions, bridge demolition and reconstruction are interspersed with each order, and the foundation pit construction and bridge construction have a great influence on each other.
Concrete Technology with KZJpoint RR8415:
More than 65hrs Setting Time with C35, Slump of 200mm ± 20mm, Ground water contains salt, which has the effect of early strengthening and slump retention.

The Shortest Surfacing

Finishing Time in Precast Concrete, China

The Longest Set Retarding Time Concrete, China

The Largest Turning Continuous Beam Concrete, China

345 Meters Concrete Pumping Height
The Highest Skyscraper in 2016, China
Guiyang Flower Orchard Twin Towers Project
KZJ Products Used: KZJcontrol 600SR & KZJpoint RS8310
Construction Time: Year 2016
Project Description:

Guiyang Flower Orchard Twin Towers project consists of two towers, the east tower with 406m of structure height and the west tower with 345m of building height, and the total construction area of the two towers is about 827,000 square meters, with a total investment of more than RMB 10.6 billion yuan.

Concrete Technology we have supported:

1. Hight pump pressure: extremely high pumping height (345m)
2. Solving the high viscosity problem in C90 concrete
3.Making the tailored formula of our concrete admixture with the poor aggregate materials (complex and changeable mechanism mountain sand) to make the concrete pumping 345m without bleeding and separation

Concrete Surfacing Finishing time ≤ 120 minutes
The Shortest Surfacing Finishing Time in concrete
Xiamen Metro Line 1 Metro Segment
KZJ Products Used: KZJpoint RA8206 & KZJpoint RS8310
Project Description:

It generally runs from north to south, connecting important groups such as Siming District, Huli District and Jimei District, which radiates northward from the xiamen island inside to Xiamen island outside by a cross-sea rapid connection. It consists of more than 20,000 ring segments and approximately 140,000 m³ of concrete. The project requires the surface finishing time of the concrete within 120 mins. by developing an early-strength polycarboxylate acid superplasticizer compounding with the set accelerator, KZJpoint RA8206 effectively solves the problem of surfacing finishing time of the segment at a low temperature environment. At the same time, the problems of poor thixotropy, high viscosity, and bubbles on appearance were successfully solved too.

Concrete Technology we have supported with our Admixture:
1. C50 Grade of concrete, P12 impermeability grade, Slump: 50mm ± 20mm
2. Air content ≤ 2%, 56d electric flux (C) < 1000
3. Good thixotropy ability, the concrete casting time of a piece of segment is less than 3min, no obvious defects in the segment appearance.
4. The sliding problem of concrete, which happens when the segment is not conveyed with the mold during the conveyance process
C120 Grade of Pumping Concrete
The Highest Strength Concrete in 2016, China
Xin-Tian-Di Civil Air Defense Project
KZJ Products Used: KZJpoint RQ8416 & KZJpoint RR8311
Project Description:

Guiyang Xintiandi Civil Air Defense Project is located in Guizhou Military District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, China The air defense tunnel root used C120 steel fiber pumped concretes.

Concrete Technology we have supported with our Admixture:
1. Slump ≥ 240mm, flow ≥ 650mm, no slump or flow loss in 3 hours
2. Solving the High Viscosity problem in C120 concrete
3. The initial setting time ≥ 20h, and the final setting time ≤ 30h
4. Mix with a large amount of steel fiber (poor encapsulation and segregation resistance of concrete, relatively coarse and difficult to pump)
5. Mass concrete (2 meters thickness, high peak hydration temperature rise)
Beam of 2-(31m + 31m) 32°20' swivel angle
The largest turning continuous beam in China
Jiqing High-speed Railway Zibo Super Bridge
Project Description:

It has a main line length of 307.9 kilometers, and constitutes the main channels of the 'three vertical-horizontal' intercity rail transit network in Shandong Province. The beam length of the swivel segment of Zibo Super Bridge is 2-(31m + 31m), the swivel angle is 32°20' with 4.200tons of swivel weight and the swivel structure is a center load swivel.

Concrete Technology we have supported with our Admixture:
1. The Initial Slump mm controlled within 200mm ± 20mm, flow ≥ 550mm, No slump or flow loss in 1 hour, and can be lost in 20mm in 2hours
2. The air content of C50 concrete is between 2.0 and 4.0, and the appearance and color of the beam shall be good after demoulding
3. KZJ One type of Admixture should be well adaptive to the local high-clay content sand, and three types of difference cement.
Lithium-ion Battery Material Fractionation Tower
The Highest Frost Resistance of F300 concrete
Project Description:

It has high requirements for concrete durability (The liquid nitrogen storage tank at -196°C), design strength C55, impermeability level P12, frost resistance grade F30 (the mass loss rate after 300 freeze-thaw cycles is 0.71% and the strength loss rate is 3.2%), which all meet the design requirements.

Concrete Technology by KZJpoint RD8208:

F300 of concrete frost grade, P12 impermeability grade, 16 ~ 18hrs setting time, 4.0% ~ 5.0% Air content, 5hrs Slump Retention